“[24]7.ai Engagement Cloud demonstrates both the form and function of the new center of gravity for Conversational Service Automation.”


[24]7.ai Engagement Cloud Takes You from IVR to IVA

Many companies now realize they need to move from IVR (interactive voice response) systems to IVAs (intelligent virtual assistants) in order to scale customer service operations, minimize disruption, lower costs, and keep their customers happy.

Read Conversational Engagement: A Clear Path from IVRs to IVAs, an Opus Research report, to learn how leading companies faced pandemic-induced surging call volumes and dwindling agent workforces—and in a just a few months saw their customer satisfaction scores soar and costs go down.

This report describes how to build conversational engagement by harnessing a few key technologies—intent prediction, conversational AI, card creation, and messaging.

Download the Opus Research report—and watch the same topic explored in an on-demand webcast—today.