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  • An enterprise-class chatbot that supports Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and two conversational customer journeys.
  • Deployed in your digital channels and integrated with your enterprise systems.
  • Data and analysis based on a least 50k chats in the 60-day period.
  • Recommendations for further customer journey automation.

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What is a Conversational Chatbot?

[24]7 AIVA is a virtual agent (chatbot) that thinks, talks and acts like your best human agent. As a conversational virtual agent, [24]7 AIVA leverages AI and integration to your enterprise systems to interpret vague wording and multi-part questions. AIVA knows how to respond to a sudden change of topic and can ask clarifying questions to determine intent. If needed, the virtual agent smoothly transfers to an already informed human agent, so customers never have to repeat the same information. The result is cost savings, faster resolutions, completed transactions, and happier customers.