"Vendors that commit to and own improvements in KPIs for productivity and customer experience (CX) and drive these across multiple client-owned environments establish irrefutable value for clients."


Is Your BPO Vendor Future-Proof?

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) landscape is rapidly changing. A new breed of vendors are emerging and moving away from traditional time-and-effort engagements to newer outcome-oriented engagements powered by insights.

In Q4 2020, [24]7.ai was evaluated against 12 vendors in 21 criteria. This report by Forrester® examines four lessons from their assessment of these insights-driven BPO vendors. These lessons include:

  • Insights as a service emerging as a distinct BPO line of business
  • Cohesive insights-driven offerings are becoming productized
  • Vertical-specific insights-driven services create specialization and scale
  • Monetizing insights-driven BPO services secure credibility

Download the report to see why enabling future-fit, value-based services from your BPO is key to success.