“In 2021, customer service leaders will transform their operations to provide proactive and empathetic service to new ‘critical needs’ customers.”


The Pandemic Set Customer Services on a New Path

Faced with the pandemic, firms did things that once seemed impossible—sometimes overnight. Under the relentless pressure of new customer realities, the future came into focus: Your company’s survival depends on how customer-obsessed, resilient, creative, and adaptive you are in jumping to the next growth curve in your industry.

Yes, that means investing in new technology. But with the pandemic still wreaking havoc and budgets rightfully under scrutiny, it also means taking advantage of the technology you already have—and finally retiring the technical debt holding you back.

2021 will be the year every company—not just the 15 percent of firms that were already digitally savvy—doubles down on technology-fueled experiences, operations, products, and ecosystems.