“[24]7.ai leads the market with its strong capabilities in analyzing customer intent journeys and abilities to discern human intent with AI-enabled solutions.” —Mrinal Rai, Principal Analyst, ISG


Fast-Tracking Enterprise Path to Conversational AI

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation as enterprises raced to future-proof their businesses. Intelligent automation, at the heart of this transformation, combines numerous digital technologies that improve productivity, data accuracy, and the customer experience while also reducing costs.

The pandemic’s economic impact will be long-lasting. The enterprises that implement conversational AI now will optimize cost, productivity, and capacity, and reduce risks in the short term to stay prepared for the future.

To meet that future, you need a partner with unmatched conversational AI experience, expertise, technology, and vision.

Find out why ISG named [24]7.ai a Conversational AI Leader.