Quote: “[24|7.ai’s offerings demonstrate its domain expertise, translating into a full-fledged solution for contact centers.”


What is the Current Landscape for the Contact Center Industry?

Since the pandemic, many changes have happened that impacted businesses in some way or other. Some of the changes, however, were irreversible. On the other hand, consumer buying behavior saw dramatic shifts, and businesses are scaling to adapt to these changes.

As customer demands have changed drastically post-pandemic, companies are now keen to begin their digital transformation and get their CX strategy right to ensure high-quality services and improve the employee experience.

As part of this ISG Provider Lens™ quadrant study, ISG created the following four quadrants on Contact Center – Customer Experience Services: Digital Operations, AI & Analytics, Work from Home Services, and Social Media CX Services. [24]7.ai emerged as a leader in AI & Analytics.

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