Millions of people around the world use messaging apps daily to keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues – and now 75% of consumers say they would prefer to use messaging for customer service1. If you’re like most businesses, you understand you need messaging, you just don’t know how to use it effectively. The good news – if done right, adding messaging to your CX is easier than you think – and it offers numerous benefits to your customers, your agents, and your bottom line.

If you’re ready to adopt messaging, but are unclear where to start, listen to our on-demand webinar where industry experts will outline how to operationalize messaging and measure success.

You will learn:

Messaging trends and best practices

- Using messaging to create an impact in your customer journeys

- Evolving from synchronous to asynchronous

- How to incorporate the most popular messaging platforms into your CX

- Real-world customer success story highlighting innovative ways to use messaging

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Meet Our Speakers

Nidhin Varghese (NV)
NV is Director of Technology and Strategic Alliances at [24] NV’s background in contact center strategy & customer engagement platforms has made him instrumental to [24]’s messaging transformation consulting practice.


Kendall LeBerte
Kendall is a Business Operations Manager for the Customer Experience Organization at Dish. With years of experience in operations leadership, he led Dish’s successful implementation of Apple Business Chat–the first pay TV provider to do this. Since then, he has launched Google Business Messenger and several other lines of asynchronous communication while improving the agent and customer experience at Dish.

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