The best IVAs today have a more natural, humanlike conversational ability, can handle multiple intents, and can achieve customer satisfaction scores on a par with the best human agents.


Companies today are investing heavily in virtual assistants (VA) to prevent loss and fraud, improve experiences, contain costs, and boost both customer and agent satisfaction.

But selecting the wrong VA or continuing to use an outdated one can cost organizations. Legacy virtual assistants have serious CX limitations and often cannot deal with today’s customers’ needs and expectations, customers only need one bad experience before they can decide to take their business elsewhere.

The best VAs are AI-enabled and feature sophisticated capabilities. They grow revenue, using the same commercial acumen used by a top human agent to cross-sell and upsell the customer.

Businesses that leave their customers to interact with outdated virtual assistants or unsophisticated ones are missing out in a number of ways.

Learn how to avoid common IVAs misses.