Invest in AI + Human Intelligence In 2019, As Backlash Against Bad Chatbots Occurs.

60% of chatbot deployments will provide poor escalation paths to agents in 2019. Is your organization one of the culprits?

In 2019, the inflated expectations of AI in customer service and sales is expected to fall back to reality. The fear of chatbots displacing human agents is now being met with healthy skepticism as customers become more familiar with the bot market. With this familiarity comes higher expectations, as market backlash towards “bad bots” continues to grow. Customers will no longer forgive bad bot experiences. That includes striking the right balance between chatbot support and escalation to agent.

Forrester Research shares these predictions and more for Customer Service in 2019. Discover how and why technology is being aimed towards improving automation and performance with augmentation by contact center agents.

What’s Inside:

  • Top Analyst predictions in CX for 2019
  • Why market backlash on chatbots is occurring
  • How contact centers are failing with escalation paths to agents
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