“Some key differentiators for [24]7.ai include its continuous learning from intent discovery to tuning, superior intent prediction, and open AI infrastructure, enabling users to coordinate, monitor, and explain multiple models.”


Your Guide to Virtual Customer Assistants

In our current digital economy, organizations want to engage with customers at every point of interaction. To create a seamless customer experience, organizations are leveraging virtual customer assistants (VCA).

Virtual customer assistants, powered by conversational AI, enable organizations reduce employee workload and quickly resolve customer queries. Done right, virtual customer assistants free your agents to focus on the most critical and high-value tasks.

In this report, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions conducted an in-depth analysis of major VCA vendors by evaluating their:

  • Product Portfolio
  • Market Presence and;
  • Customer Value Proposition

Download the Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix report to learn more about why virtual assistants are here to stay and why [24]7.ai™ is a leader.