“Billions of consumers use asynchronous messaging [and] have shifted these same expectations of engagement to agents at brands...”


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Download Forrester’s The State of Chat In Retail, 2021 to explore the details behind these key findings:

Retail Chat Experiences Are Ubiquitous but Dated

Few brands have extended how, where, or why they offer chat to consumers to more modern scenarios, especially on mobile devices, platforms, or channels that leverage chatbots or offer asynchronous alternatives.

Chat’s Main Role in Retail Is to Influence Purchases—Not Handle Transactions

Conversational interfaces will influence purchases by helping consumers find inventory, obtain store hours, select products, and pick up at stores post-purchase.

Future Chat Experiences Will Be Fluid, Relevant, and Convenient

The ease, effectiveness, and enjoyability of chat will replicate in-person shopping experiences by using context to proactively engage consumers in flow.