Chatbots are at peak hype right now. With thousands of chatbots available in the market today, how do you know which chatbot is right for you? The scary fact is that most chatbots aren’t enterprise ready, and when used for customer service will end up doing your company a disservice.

Forrester Research evaluated the emerging market of chatbots in customer service to identify the top providers. We’re pleased to announce that [24] was one of three recommended vendors. 

Download the June 2017 Forrester Research Report “The Top 10 Chatbots For Enterprise Customer Service” to see what makes an enterprise-grade customer service chatbot, and why [24] is a recommended vendor.

What's Inside:

  • Why companies are buying chatbots for their customer service.
  • Essential features to evaluate for enterprise-grade chatbots.
  • The methodology behind Forrester Research’s selection criteria and what we think sets [24] apart.
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