In today’s world, implementing a chatbot without a clear strategy could cause irreversible damage to your reputation and your revenue stream – are you willing to take that risk?

Rogue bots that misinterpret customer questions or force them to go through endless service loops might make for entertaining headlines, but they severely impact brand image. According to marketing agency Digitas, 73 percent of survey respondents said they would never use a chatbot again if they had a bad experience during their first encounter.

To avoid sabotaging your customer experience, we’ve curated a collection of the most notable chatbot deployment blunders – stop experimenting and get the guidance you need to deploy an exceptional chatbot experience from day one.

Join us for a live webinar and learn:

  • Common pitfalls to avoid when deploying chatbots
  • Essential components to include in your chatbot strategy
  • The value of intelligent chatbots and why they’re essential to enterprises

Meet Our Speaker

Sarah Blocker, VP Customer Success at [24]7.ai
Sarah is a highly accomplished leader in the cloud, software, and contact center services industry with over 15+ years of experience implementing new CSM programs and processes. She is well versed in leading successful digital transformation projects across industries including Retail, Financial Services, and Telecom.

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