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Business or pleasure? A common question that we’re asked when traveling around the world. But, this level of information falls short in helping travel providers such as airlines and hotels deliver the unique personalized experiences their customers expect today.

The pleasure category alone can be segmented into Deal Seekers, “Mom Trotters”, Adventures, and the list can go on. Personalization is more than reminding a business traveler there’s Wi-Fi or offering late check-in for the adventurer. AI and machine learning make it possible to deliver personalized service at scale to ensure the right offer is presented to the right person at the right moment to drive increased conversions, incremental revenues, and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Join us for a live webinar and learn:

  • The impact of AI-based personalization on your top line.
  • How predictive analytics use travel personas to create personalized offers.
  • Approaches needed to build loyalty across different traveler segments.

Meet Our Speaker

Kimberlee West - Product Marketing Manager
Kim has 8 years of experience in building insight and engagement strategies from her consulting and advisory background. As [24]7’s Product Marketing Manager, she provides trend analysis in the travel, hospitality, telecom, and consumer goods industries to help major brands achieve success in customer engagement.

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