First Aired:
March 2, 2017 8.30-9.15am PT / 11.30-12.15pm ET / 4.30-5.15pm GMT

The Man vs. Chatbot Main Event

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  • The value of combining chatbots and live chat agents.
  • How insurance organizations are using chatbots to engage policyholders online.
  • How to build a seamless policyholder experience that both your customers and CFO will love.

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While chatbots can reduce labor costs and streamline many digital policyholder interactions, they can’t handle all customer journeys or solve every problem your policyholders have. The future of customer service is not a question of human versus machine, but rather how to find the right mix of human and machine.

In this live session, we’ll demonstrate how intelligent chatbot technology can be used to deliver instant, automated service for most customer journeys, while engaging a human chat agent for more complex scenarios.

Meet Our Speakers

Aneta Ranstoller - Product Marketing Manager, Vertical Markets
Aneta brings more than 10 years of experience across the marketing mix, product management, and communications to her role. Aneta’s responsibilities include driving vertical and account-based marketing for [24]7 key industries including banking, insurance, retail, and telecommunications.  Prior to [24]7, Aneta held marketing positions across a number of diverse industries in product marketing and marketing communications responsible for strategic product launches, go-to-market plans, and integrated marketing campaigns to drive demand and grow new revenue streams.  

Graham Knowles - Enterprise Solutions Architect
Graham spent a career designing digital customer experiences. After a decade at top technology companies like Salesforce and Oracle, he has established himself as a thought leader on how to deliver the promise of effortless customer experience to create customer service-led brand promoters.