Telecom providers are in a unique position. They enable the technologies that are transforming customer expectations but have yet to transform their own customer expectations.

Customers are more mobile than ever, they crave personalized experiences and expect minimal disruption to their core desire of staying connected.

What does this mean for the telecom customer of 2020? For two leading telecoms in the US, it meant putting customer experience as their top priority. Partnering with [24]7.ai, they have deployed an AI powered solution that provides a seamless experience across their digital touchpoints - Chat and Chatbots.

Watch our on-demand webinar and learn:

  • Best practices in building your customer experience strategy.
  • How chatbots, AI, big data, and predictive analytics are being applied to personalize customer journeys.
  • How two leading telecom providers are preparing for 2020.

Meet Our Speakers

Kimberlee West - Product Marketing Manager, [24]7.ai
Kim has 8 years of experience in building insight and engagement strategies from her consulting and advisory background. As [24]7’s Product Marketing Manager, she provides trend analysis in the travel, hospitality, telecom, and consumer goods industries to help major brands achieve success in customer engagement.

Liz Powell - Manager, Customer Success & Digital Solutions, [24]7.ai
Backed with a robust experience in operations and delivery, Liz is responsible for customer relationships, new business opportunities, business development, and customer retention. Liz is a trusted advisor within the Telecommunication industry having managed the deployment of AI-powered digital solutions for several leading telecoms in North America.

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