Chatbots, Customer Centricity, Conversational Commerce are the three C’s of exceptional travel experience. Woven together they promise to drive customer loyalty and increase revenues and at the core of all three offerings lies Artificial Intelligence. For travel providers this has meant increased sensitivity in ensuring a balance is achieved between live human support and the advances in AI.

On Thursday February 22nd at 1PM EST, join our in-house expert Kimberlee West as she talks about how to look back on the year and review what’s working, where the gaps are and determine the next steps to prepare for Travel 2020 and beyond.

Join us for a live webinar as our presenter, Kimberlee West, shares:

  • More about the three C’s and achieving balance between “human touch and tech”.
  • How the three C’s fit into your vision for providing an exceptional guest experience.
  • Best practices from global travel brands that can be applied to prepare for Travel 2020.

Meet Our Speaker

Kimberlee West - Product Marketing Manager, [24]7.ai
Kim has 8 years of experience in building insight and engagement strategies from her consulting and advisory background. As [24]7’s Product Marketing Manager, she provides trend analysis in the travel, hospitality, telecom, and consumer goods industries to help major brands achieve success in customer engagement.

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