What exactly are your customers doing and why? The problems your customers experience as they transact with you are often difficult to diagnose and fix because they fall between the cracks of organizational silos. Companies lack methods to determine the root causes of broken customer journeys, and solving those problems is even more challenging.

Customer Journey Analytics provides the ability to track and analyze the way customers interact with your company. Customer interaction data is drawn from digital, voice, and offline channels. This data is connected with advertising and marketing systems, voice-of-customer/NPS systems, and back office systems providing a complete picture of your customer’s activity and unprecedented insights into the customer experience.

Attend this webinar and learn how Customer Journey Analytics can:

  • Provide a 360-degree view of all customer interactions.
  • Identify the relationship between path and outcome to segment customers with similar patterns.
  • Analyze millions of journeys and identify how to navigate the maze.

Meet Our Speakers

Gil Winters - VP, Customer Journey Analytics at [24]7.ai
Gil is the founder of [24]7.ai Customer Journey Analytics, originally funded by KPMG Capital, acquired by [24]7.ai in 2017. At [24]7, Prior to joining [24]7.ai, Gil has 25 years of analytics, business process improvement, customer journey, call center, and software development experience at KPMG, ClickFox, JP Morgan Chase, and AT&T and led the first ever Big Data customer journey analytics projects at AT&T.

Jeffrey M. Jones - VP, Solutions at [24]7.ai
Jeffrey M. Jones, “JJ’, leads the worldwide Solution Architects and the Pre-sales Analytics and Insight teams. He brings over twenty years of experience helping customers like Merck, Airbnb, and Rackspace solve challenging customer experience transformation, CRM, digital engagement, and customer acquisition problems.

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